Graphite Electrode Services

  • Reconditioning and repair
  • Length: 1200 to 7000 mm/cross-section: 75 to 750 mm
  • Measuring service for electrodes from any manufacturer
  • Remachining of sockets
  • Turning down electrodes on a lathe
  • Manufacture of slag door electrodes for EAFs
  • Adaptation and correction to manufacturer’s dimensions
  • Work on „stationary electrode“ (gentle processing)
  • Manufacture of individual components with documentation
  • Use of standard tools and gauges
  • Correcting deviance from tolerances
  • New uses of electrode tips:

    • Use as slag door electrodes
    • Manufacture of smaller sized electrodes (e. g. for LF)

Graphite Product Services

Manufacture of

  • Electrode lift plugs
  • Crucibles
  • Cylindrical shapes
  • Blocks and discs
  • Plates, impregnated if required
  • Shapes according to customer’s requirements

Sale and Purchase of

  • Graphite electrodes
  • Graphite fines
  • Broken graphite

Measuring Services

  • Supply of measuring gauges
  • Measuring service on site

Crane Wheel Services

  • Manufacture of new heavy-duty wheels, cable sliders, bandaged crane wheels, wheel struts, trolley wheels
  • 200 – 1400 mm diameter, all common quality grades
  • Reconditioning/renewal of wheel flanges, running surfaces, wheel hubs, bushes and bearings
  • Gentle processing: all products are pre-heated before processing and stress-relief annealed after welding
  • Repair of wheel struts
  • Tempering of running surfaces
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